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COPYWRITING: Creating Trust When Hiring Your Creative Team with Amber Kindler
Episode 102nd November 2021 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Today, I'm jamming with Amber Kindler about building relationships and leaning into your zone of genius with a copywriter. She has recently grown her services to include a director of marketing offer where she helps strategize and implement all your content marketing. We chat about everything hiring a copywriter from rates and packages, goals and expectations while working with a copywriter, her upcoming website: The Midwest Marketer, and connecting to the mission and vision and blending the business owner’s personality to generate eye-catching copy.

Also, Stay tuned for the end of the episode where I share an offer I’ve created for the month of November!

We talk about:

  • Her professional  transition from teacher- to freelance copywriter- to director of marketing

  • Micala Quinn’s signature Overwhelmed to Overbooked podcast and course to help women take the leap into freelancing (check links section below)

  • Her process and packages to serve clients who need the written copy, content, and repurposing taken off their plate while they run their business

  • Identifying when it’s time for online business owners to hire out, and when a client will be better served by hiring a director of marketing.

  • Building a strong relationship between client and copywriter by owning your zone of genius.


Website Coming Soon…

Facebook/Instagram @amberkindler


Lindsay White’s Director of Marketing Course Affiliate Link:


Micala Quinn’sOverwhelmed to Overbooked Affiliate Link:


Future Website:

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