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Episode Six - John Clare - Responses
Episode 626th June 2020 • The Thunder Mutters • Becky Dellow/Adam Horovitz
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Welcome to the sixth episode of The Thunder Mutters, performed by you, our listeners. We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your recorded contributions and plan to present another episode in this vein next month.

We’ll be coming back in a fortnight with John Clare’s ‘July’ but in the meantime, please do continue to send in your recordings of tunes and poems.

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Here is the episode listing in order of appearance:

‘Clare’s Jig’ - Ian Duhig

‘Jigs for John Clare’ – Poem and music by Philip Rush

‘I Saw Crotchets...’ Lydia Kennaway

‘To John Clare’ - Tania Hershman

Red Pettycoat Hornpipe and Beef Stake Hornpipe – played by Neil Brookes

‘Clout’ - Helen Ivory

The Self – played by Becky Dellow

‘Enclosure’ - Chris Hall

Mrs Casey – played by Becky Dellow

‘Starlings Nesting’ - Ella Duffy

The Thunder Mutters’ theme tune is ‘The Gardengate’ from John Clare’s tune manuscript book