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93. Raising Luminaries: Intentionally Prepping For Summer as an Entrepreneurial Family
Episode 9326th May 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Today we're diving into how to intentionally prepare for summer as an entrepreneurial family. We can get pretty strategic when we're going into a busy season for work, but what does it look like when we're gearing up for a slower season, or a season where our family will be the focus, or when we're intentionally gearing down after a busy season? 

We are going into summer, the kids are home, and we're all wondering how we're going to juggle it all. We tend to think that things will just naturally happen, that we will naturally break out of our “hustle” mode. But what if we come into it like we go into a launch or a season of intentional growth in our business, and we planned for it, we strategize around it, we communicated about it, we looked forward to it and we geared up for it? How would that look and feel differently for our kids?

Let’s raise them up right!


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