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Aimee Oates - What Now?
Episode 301st March 2024 • Who I Met Today • Pamela Lamp
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What next? Aimee Oates had a happy marriage, a well-adjusted son, and a beautiful life. But she wanted more. Aimee wanted something for herself. A project where she felt accomplished and fulfilled and gave to others. For years, Aimee agonized and struggled with what was next. And then she found her IT.

In this episode, Aimee and I discuss life on the road, raising her son, and what she loves about Aspen. She describes the steps she took to find her passion project, what she learned about herself, and how it feels to be of service while feeling accomplished and productive. And, as always, Aimee shares her one new thing—it's a fun one!

Subjects we reference:

Floral Design Institute in Portland, Oregon

Geny's Flowers

The Nashville Petal Project

John Oates

If you're interested, here is a sample of an Adult Aptitude test. And here is another.

Aspen Animal Shelter

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