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Kino Quickies 11 - Death on the Set (1935) with Richard Farmer
Episode 119th December 2022 • Kino Quickies • Dominic Delargy
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The cups all those millions of fans out there of the Kino Quickies mascot, Henry Kendall, runneth over this day, because Death on the Set treats us to a double dose of him.

Our Henry plays two unlikeable men - a very unpleasent film director and his drunken and disreputable lookalike - who are locked in a cycle of crime.

It's based on a book by Victor MacClure which is now out of print but you can buy it online if you sell all of your belongings.

Our guest for the Q&A is Richard Farmer, a researcher at Bristol University. He is currently researching UK film studios as part of a wider project called Studio Tec.

During the Q&A we displayed two interesting maps which show the locations of all the film studios in and around London in the 1930s. See them here on the website of the late, great Roland-François Lack.

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Your hosts at Kino Quickies screenings are Dom Delargy and Dr Lawrence Napper,


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Well that was fascinating but now I want to find out more.

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