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005 Wendy Piersall on Finding Her Way in the Face of the Unexpected
Episode 521st January 2020 • The Road to Empowerment • Marla Bollak
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Even successful people experience bumps in the road, even big potholes. In this episode, Wendy Piersall talks about a time when external events beyond her control, conspired to throw her business and personal life into a tailspin. She shares her feelings with such honesty, how she moved through them, and how she turned it all around, what she learned, the surprising conclusion, and where she is headed now.

Wendy Piersall is an artist, author and publisher of educational content for children. She has released two best-selling books, written for, appeared on the Today Show, and is passionate about making an impact on the world in many ways.

Find Wendy on her Facebook page, ‘Wendy Piersall: Artist, Publisher & Mentor,’ at .