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Episode 641st June 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are talking about sex! This is your heads up that we use correct anatomical language and talk about specific sexual acts, so, read the room... listen where appropriate or pop in your headphones, babe!

We are sharing our conversation with Tasha Diaz, a Sex Therapist from Covenant Sex Therapy. We are absolutely thrilled to be hosting and sharing this conversation with all of you. Tasha is a licensed marriage and family therapist, she graduated with her masters degree from BYU. She is an approved supervisor in the state of Utah, she works with clients at Covenant Sex Therapy, she has offices through telehealth and Provo Utah. She specializes and has a lot of experience in working with clients who have anxiety and trauma around sexual experiences, as well as sexual addictions. She has also worked with issues surrounding health and eating, body image, and self-esteem, particularly among women. So, Tasha is absolutely the woman that we want to be talking to as we continue to have conversations that help women to step into their own power. We are honored to invite Sex Therapist Tasha Diaz to the pod!

We jump right into the aspects of the shame that is involved in our collective and individual sexuality. We briefly touch on the role that the church plays, in that they groom women to be responsible for others experience, and they glorify the sexual experience of the male. We also discuss the historical overviews, the two extremes we tend to take it to, and the fact that women's sexuality gets lost in all this.

We talk about how to help our future generations develop a more healthy sexuality individually, we talk about context, masturbation, and how the idea of fun and exciting sex.

We know you're going to have important take aways from this conversation, and if you would like to connect with Tasha to grow abundance in your sexual experience, you can reach out to her here.

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