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The True Value of Leadership With Eliot Bush
Episode 426th July 2021 • Winning Strategies Playbook • Jeremy Spann
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In this episode(42) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Eliot Bush, Sales Manager at Goosehead Insurance.

This episode has a solid connection all the way back to Episode 1! If you remember Episode 1 was with the Colby brothers who are part of the leadership team at Goosehead Insurance. Eliot joins the podcast and speaks on leadership at his position. Eliot and Jeremy speak on how much leadership can truly effect an employee and will make or break their job experience. Many a time, people will leave positions to follow their managers solely because of the work environment and not always the actual work involved. Listen in as Eliot and Jeremy discuss how leadership should always be done!

Here is the link to Eliot’s’ LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more!

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