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The Half Time Orange Podcast - Half Time Orange EPISODE 7, 6th October 2020
Nicci Rossouw - Innovative solutions from the robotics industry
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Nicci Rossouw - Innovative solutions from the robotics industry

Nicci Rossouw, CEO at Exaptec - a solution innovator in the robotics industry. This week, Brenton talks with Nicci as she recounts her unintended journey into robotics, ethical issues within the industry, and some of the amazing human outcomes that robotics has been able to deliver.

Nicci is a robotics solution innovator and disrupter, and the founder and owner of Exaptec. A specialist in robotics automation solution design and delivery using a Robotics-as-a-Service business model.

Client engagement is a passion of Nicci's. By delivering the highest quality of product and service that keeps the human at the centre of things unlocks high value returns.

As a thought leader in the application of Robotics technology, Nicci strongly believes that robotic automation will deliver a profound positive difference to people's lives.

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