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Broker Profile: Tanya Diaz
Episode 1817th November 2021 • Real Estate Moguls • The Face of Chicago Business
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Tanya Diaz, dedicated managing broker of Main Event Real Estate, sits down on this episode of the Real Estate Moguls Podcast to talk about all things life and what it’s like starting your own business. 

Tanya runs her business alongside her husband, David, a former lightweight World Champion boxer and 1996 U.S. Olympian. The name of their brokerage, “Main Event,” is an homage to his athletic career while also highlighting the importance that buying/selling a home plays in a person’s life. 

Unlike some of our other podcast guests who got into Real Estate after other ventures, Tanya grew up with it in her blood. As a young girl, her father was in the business of flipping houses and would often take her and her sister to his latest rehab project after school. She fell in love with it and quickly got her own license early on after high school. However, after her husband’s boxing career took off, she traded it selling homes for raising her beautiful children. 

Getting back into the business in 2013, she shares what it was like to discover how different the industry was in the age of technology. 

“I remember coming back in and I had asked the current managing broker about a fax machine and he's like fax, we don't even fax anymore.

You know, it was a big change from being out of it for so long. It was a big surprise to me.”

Starting her own brokerage may have been even more of a surprise for Tanya. The biggest challenge of leaving a good job at another company to create her own was her self-doubt. Tanya shares what it was like to deal with imposter syndrome and how she looked to other Latinas who started their own companies as inspiration. 

“I would listen to different podcasts of these women who were very empowering. I didn't want to have that imposter syndrome.’

Find out more about the recipe for Tanya’s success, what she looks for when building a team, and how to overcome imposter syndrome as a Latina in real estate on this episode of the Real Estate Moguls Podcast.