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The Curious Cats Podcast - Ricky Spiers & Chris Wharton 19th February 2019
Episode 012 – Damon Beesley, the man behind The Inbetweeners…
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Episode 012 – Damon Beesley, the man behind The Inbetweeners…

In this bonus episode we sat down with half the writing genius behind The Inbetweeners, Damon Beesley! Following The Inbetweeners massive success Damon went on to create White Gold, a comedy series set in the 80’s which follows a group of double glazing salesman – Damon has just finished the second series which I can’t wait to watch as the first series was brilliant!

In this episode we talk about the story behind the hit show that has now ingrained itself firmly as a classic in British Comedy and British culture. We learn about Damon and his partner Iain Morris’s writing process and the early grind of getting the show aired plus more about the super talented and driven man behind the comedy writers facade.

Not to mention loads of shit banter!

Enjoy x

You can’t follow him as he doesn’t do social media but find his business partner Iain Morris on Twitter

Freedom software Damon advises

Screen writing software Damon uses

Climbing documentary Touching the void

Watch The Inbetweeners in the UK

White Gold is available on Netflix in the UK

The tv shows and Movies are also available on YouTube