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Real Technologists: Katy Craig
Episode 35th April 2023 • Real Technologists • Trac Bannon
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When I met Katy Craig in 2017, it was in her role as a cyber security pro. She was working for Deloitte focusing on DoD and more specifically, the Navy. 

Given her cool and matter of fact countenance, she struck me as a natural for identifying and mitigating risk. More importantly was her handling of issues that struck. She is level headed and her delivery is often as even and level as her opinion and common sense. 

So it was no stretch to find out over dinner one evening in San Diego that she also taught college courses on cyber security and ethical hacking. I found myself thinking, wow, this is a badass. 

According to a research study of 30 million cyber security analysts profiled by Zipplia, nearly 79% of cybersecurity professionals are male. That's the current state of the industry. Imagine what it was like in 1989 when Katy first got started in security.



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