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Insights from the Next Generation: Exploring Finance and Culture with Hampton Dortch
Episode 13427th September 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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In this week's episode, Matt has a conversation with Hampton Dortch, who serves as an Account Executive at Wildsparq and is also the Founder of the "Wake Up & Lead" podcast.

Listen as Hampton discusses his background and how being labeled a "natural born leader" influenced his career path as an account executive and podcast host. He also outlines his growth journey at Wildsparq and his evolution as a podcast host.

Hampton provides significant advice for young professionals, discusses the essential qualities of effective leaders, and delves into the aspects of the younger generation that older professionals may not fully comprehend.

Additionally, he shares insights into the driving forces behind commitment among the younger generation, the foundational elements of trust with Gen Z, the impact Hampton aspires to create within this generation, and their overall perspectives on financial matters.

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