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[What's My Story] Dawnna St. Louis
Episode 257th October 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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What if you are able to go from homeless to multi-billionaire or multi-millionaire or retired in less than 20 years? And what if in the middle of all of that you were able to sell a business that was almost a quarter of a billion dollars? How do you from rags to riches?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is Dawnna St. Louis and she has an amazing tale of triumph. She is a five-time top selling author as well as a top-rated International keynote speaker. From being a homeless individual at the age of 19, she eventually gave her first speech at the Congressional Committee at 25 years old.

Let's hear from Dawnna herself how she was able to truly go from rags to riches. How was she able do it?

  • [04:08] What is Dawnna cooking up for the world at the moment?
  • [05:39] Does anyone need to be homeless or penniless to be considered a "rag" in a rags to riches story?
  • [06:51] Homeless at 19 - how did this come about for Dawnna?
  • [09:14] Who was instrumental in Dawnna's life that allowed her to realize her purpose?
  • [12:38] What was the lucky experience that Dawnna have which gave her a push in the right direction?
  • [16:07] How did she move from customer support to IT to starting a new consultancy business?
  • [19:05] What shifted Dawnna's mindset from being content with cleaning windows to "I can be bigger than this".
  • [24:45] Why do so many people talk themselves out of their own ideas?
  • [27:48] "Rebelling against the status quo" vs. "Following the norm", what would you follow?
  • [29:01] How does an accountability group help you get past your limiting beliefs?
  • [31:27] Dawnna shares with us about her "Mansion Retreats" and how it helps coaches level up their game.


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