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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 128, 16th April 2020
“We Are Us”, “Screamersville”… Two Great Voices, Savannah and Bee with Bruce Hilliard
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“We Are Us”, “Screamersville”… Two Great Voices, Savannah and Bee with Bruce Hilliard

This has been my coronavirus project. To compile five of my songs and release an EP before the end of the decade. FYI if JFK DIY’d an EP ASAP he may not have been DOA and the FBI wouldn’t have said OMG that’s BS he’s MIA BTW. O.K?

My dad used to say you can climb the highest mountain but if you do it by yourself it doesn't count. That's what I feel like I'm doing right now. Living out a moment in human history that is unprecedented, I am publishing more internet content than ever and I'm working on promoting an EP something, I've never done. All by myself.

I’ll be a guest on Tommy T’s Saturday morning show at KOSW 91.3 in Ocean Shores WA, right after the Better Each Day podcast and the Radio Survivor Show on Saturday, yes this Saturday April 18th.

Tommy has a PhD. in Neurophysiology from Boston University and was instrumental in the development of the Saturn V rocket used to put a man on the moon. Not really, I made that up.  

I never thought I'd be such a part of social media. My microphone faces a window that overlooks the 9th hole of a golf course. I see people walking and playing with their dogs, riding bikes and enjoying the weather. It's all good but it just seems strange after being such a social monster that I've always been to be shut in and not doing too much except talking at a microphone that never laughs at my jokes.

I'm working on a few new songs. I watch a little television but it gets old. Then I go back to writing. Writing copy, music and a screenplay.

I can't help but wonder what cultural, political, technological and medical changes will result in this event. I can't help but think if the world cooperates and spent more time with patients than patents, the medical field could advance exponentially exceeding anything that's ever been in history. The term going viral will actually apply to global knowledge rather than the computer term and as we all know, the COVID-19 virus.

I’m not someone you would call a brainiac but I think I'm more curious now than ever in my life. Not necessarily intelligent. I am a very good learner, only because I’m curious, that’s all.

There are some very exciting advancements going on in healthcare and genetics that call for at least our attention and hopefully optimism that we as humans somehow will rise to the occasion when there's a catastrophe. Historically we have.

Sad to say it takes a war or a pandemic but I think it's true. 

I love that I'm doing this podcast and I will have these episodes on a listen- on-demand evergreen status forever I hope.

I miss talking to people and the thought, at least psychologically, of being shut in and not being able to make physical human contact indefinitely is potentially depressing. So I leave the philosophical and medical stuff up to the folks that got wedgies in junior high and I’ll play some music. 

Starting off with a beautiful woman I’m trying to have a guest. Here’s Savannah with We Are Us and Screamersville with Fitzsimon and Brogan.