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EP89: Food & Diet Industries Are Scamming You | Alanna Dybus
14th March 2023 • Create Your Fate • Create Your Fate
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Alanna is back to wrap up the Body Image Trilogy on Create Your Fate with me, Meg Ellis. We chat about BMI (Body Mass Index) and question how we've been fed an 'ideal body type' by the patriarchy. We also joke about what we were fed as kids growing up in the 90s (enough with the ham loaf!), and we look at the outdated food pyramid to see how our idea of healthy food has changed over the years.

We are also here to say that it's okay to get filler or botox or have plastic surgery – who is anyone else to judge? We just want to have the conversation and remind all of you women out there that it's worth questioning some of the norms that have been perpetuated by mainstream media, as well as the things that are normalized nowadays on social media.

Emotional maturity starts with realizing that nothing outside of yourself is going to solve your problems. The people we should be looking up to are those that have learned to love themselves and take care of themselves. We can all work towards doing that more, and it's so worth taking those small, brave steps. I hope you have as much fun listening in on my and Alanna's conversation; I know we had a great laugh, and so I hope you learn a thing or two too! 

Please check out Part One and then Part Two of this trilogy on body image. I promise that you’ll get a lot out of those episodes too!

"If someone tried to tell me that croissants are healthy, I'm not gonna fight 'em." ~ Meg Ellis

In This Episode:

How BMI was created to find the average size of men in the 1800s

– Climbing the Food Pyramid - and tearing it down

– The 'joys' of growing up eating bad food

– The side effects of 'quick and easy' diet pills - do your research!

– Why do we ‘crash diet’ and get plastic surgery?

– Having emotional maturity when it comes to making a big decision about your body

– Understanding the law of attraction

– Checking in with yourself regularly: how does this make me feel?

– Learning to love yourself every step of the way

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