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EP081: Crack the Code: The Secrets for Top 3 Google Screened LSA (Local Service Ads)
Episode 815th March 2024 • Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast • Ten Golden Rules
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Today, we Crack the Code - the secret code for ranking in the Top 3 of Google Screened Local Service Ads (LSAs). We'll reveal strategies used to generate cases for successful firms like Scott Leaser and Steven Goldstein and we’ll share the 6 key factors that will influence your rankings.

Also, you’ll learn about new speakers added for our upcoming conference April 25-26 TGR Live! Growth Strategies for LawFirms.

So join us as we share the tools and tactics to give your firm the digital edge it deserves!

Key Topics

  • 00:00 Cracking Google's local service ads algorithm and revealing the secret algorithm
  • 09:10 Announcing an upcoming law firm growth strategies event in Boca Raton, Florida
  • 16:51 Emphasizing the importance of answering calls quickly in Google screen optimization
  • 22:18 Suggesting SEO strategies for personal injury lawyers like adding photos and service areas
  • 23:30 Cracking the code for Google screened results and sharing success stories
  • 46:40 New LSAs in competitive PI market may see leads in 4-6 weeks after approval, with initial testers from Google. Positive response yields increased calls.

About Jay Berkowitz:

Jay Berkowitz is a digital marketing strategist with decades of experience in the industry. As the CEO of Ten Golden Rules, he has helped countless law firms and businesses harness the power of the internet to achieve remarkable growth and visibility. Jay is also a renowned keynote speaker and author, sharing his expertise at various industry events and publications worldwide.

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Jay Berkowitz:

What we found from our Google rep is a little secret here that if you get one or two new Google reviews, one or two new reviews in every single week, this is a weekly metric. That is the magic for the algorithm.

IMFLF Intro:

Welcome to the 10 Golden Rules of internet marketing for law firms podcast, featuring the latest strategies and techniques to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into clients. Now, here's the founder and CEO of 10 golden rules, Jay Berkowitz.

Jay Berkowitz:

Morning Good afternoon. Good evening. Whatever time this podcast finds you. Welcome to the 10 Golden Rules of internet marketing for law firms podcast. My name is Jay Berkowitz, great to have you with us. Upcoming is a recording from a live webinar. If you want to see the slides. If you want to see any of the graphics, definitely go to our YouTube channel 10 Golden Rules YouTube channel, just go to 10 Golden And at the very bottom of the page, you'll see the link to the YouTube. In this webinar, we covered what we call crack the code. We talked about our secret algorithm for getting the top three of Google screened local service ads. We also talked about how to get started, if you've never gotten screened, never gotten approved. We talked about what to do. If you've fallen out of the top three and you can't get back up. We hear that all the time. And we shared some advanced tips and advanced strategies for getting the top three and staying there and killing it with this new program. A couple other things we talked about tgr live our live event coming up April 25 and 26th in Boca Raton, Florida. If you're listening to this, relatively close to the release of the podcast, we'd love to see you in Boca so go to 10 Golden and get information on that event. We just announced a new speaker Bill Biggs, the very famous ce o for law firms and you know very famous onstage consultant on law firm culture is joining us we're going to be talking about artificial intelligence. We've got a couple of the world's leading experts on AI for law firms, some marketing strategies couple guys with absolute crazy multimillion visiter social media channels. I'll be sharing my top three strategy so love to see you at tgr live April 25 and 26th in Boca Raton in the night of April 25. We'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary as a company of tingled rules, I'd love to have you come party with me. And I'd love to have some podcast listeners there. I'm gonna include the URL for the ebook, we have our Google screen ebook that we talked about on this program. So you obviously can't scan the QR code on audio. But you can go to WWE dot 10 Golden forward slash free underscore ebook, one word EB o Okay, underscore Google underscore screened. Once again, that's 10 Golden And that's where you can get a copy of the secret algorithm to go with this podcast. And with that, I'm going to turn you over to the live audio. Enjoy. Please give us a five star rating if you're listening to this on iTunes or Spotify, and we'll see you soon. Well, hello, everyone, and welcome to this week's webinar. And if you're listening in the future, hey, welcome from Feb 28th 2024. And also shout out to everyone on our podcast. I'm Jay Berkowitz. And let me just share my screen and we'll get right into it here. So our topic today is how to crack the code how to get in the top three of Google screened. And the reason why this is so valuable, is it's a great way for every law firm to compete with the big guys. This is my friend Scott lessor, and we helped him get right to the top of the page, right in Morgan and Morgan's home market. And he's getting a ton of cases from the Google screen program right here against the biggest of the big guys. Another friend Steven Goldstein, a client of ours has absolutely blown up with his LSAs and he got over 30 pi cases in the last 45 days. It's absolutely you know, he's a solo attorney. It's absolutely blowing up his practice and having tremendous amount of success. couple new things, just programs evolving all the time. We'll talk a little bit about the history in a minute, but the top three has changed. There used to be three Google presented three LSA results on the on the desktops view, and now we're seeing three on the cell phone view and only two on the desktop view. The other reason we love this program They're generally calls like you're getting click to calls people are calling you. And what we see is that calls convert at about 24%. So we'll talk a lot about personal injury. But it's not dissimilar across other practice areas, family law, bankruptcy, any other types of litigation calls convert around 24% chats around nine to 10%, and forms and only two to 5%. So if we can get direct calls, and we only pay per lead, we only pay for those calls, it's going to work fantastic. And, and yes, Virginia, it really works. I was on a call with a pretty suspect guy the other day. And he was saying, oh, you know, this, this program, you know, we don't get that many calls doesn't really work. But you know, here's one of our clients, they, they spend a decent amount of money 20 to $30,000 a month, they're getting, you know, 80 to 100 leads, and they're signing cases, you know, it was 10 or 15. A year ago, now, they're up to 3035 cases, and they're averaging about 1200. And they're in one of the top five, maybe one of the top 10, most expensive markets pay per click in that market is 2500 to $3,000 a case. So they're consistently getting leads signing cases, at a very affordable cost per acquisition. Here's another client in a less competitive space, not in personal injury, they're in tax law, and they're getting like 300 leads a month. So if you're not in this program, you haven't optimized it, you haven't cracked the code. That's why you're here today. And bear with me, it will will share everything with you. Now, I'm going to pause here for a minute. If you want to scan this, you can download our secret algorithm, and you can get the PDF. This is what we're going to take you through here today. But if you want to get the document one at one and print it out, you want to give it to your intake team. For training purposes, just scan this obviously, I'm also going to spend a minute here, for the folks on YouTube, our YouTube channel is doing phenomenally hundreds of 1000s of views. So I assume lots of you're watching this in the future. So give me a shout out in the YouTube, say, Hey, thank you for the secret code. And I'll see your comments, some sometime in the future. So without further ado, let's crack the code and share with you how to get in the top three, top two of the Google screen. Now give me a one in the chat. If you're one of those people who who's got this thing figured out, like if you're doing great, and you're really just here to, you know, hey, I want to I want to sharpen the saw a little bit, just put one in the chat. If this thing sucks, like, and I hear this all the time, a lot of law firms are saying, you know, when we first got screened, we're getting a lot of leads. But we've fallen out of the top three, or you know, we never got any traction with this program we got we got in a little bit too late. So put a two in the chat if you kind of suck. And then if you're kind of in the middle or you just don't like answering questions, put a three in the chat. All right, thank you very much for participants. And by the way, congratulations. You know, thank you for being here. You're one of the Five Percenters. And these are the folks that I see at the conferences, I go to conferences in my industry. And, you know, essentially, we're the folks who are are going to be the top 5% more successful in our industry. You're the people who put in the time, if you're either watching this on video or listening to this on podcast, hey, you're one of the winners. Now my mission today and tell you what it is why it's so important. We already covered some of the super highlights, we're going to give you the secret algorithm, you can download it with that code. I'll share the code again a couple times. If you've fallen in can't get back up like you remember that old TV commercial help I fall and I can't get back up. If you're in the top three, and you're not in the top three, we're going to show you how to get back in the top three. We're going to show you some of the newest things from Google in the program, some advanced tips and strategies. And just before I get into all of that, I'm going to tell you our number one joke of the year so far, and I'm going to tell you a little bit about me if that's okay, so our joke of the year top joke of the year so far. So what did the Learn name is Dr. Seuss. Okay. tgr live. Very excited.

Jay Berkowitz:

One more second. I'll cut in here, April 25 and 26th in Boca Raton, Florida. Obviously if you're watching this live, you're watching this now, in early 2024, we'd love to see in Boca, the it's called law firm growth strategies. It's a two day event. And we've got some amazing speakers. I'm going to be sharing my top three hottest strategies for law firms. Dr. Kane Elliot, my buddy from file line is a legal futurist. He's gonna be telling us what's on the horizon for artificial intelligence for law firms. And this guy makes it real Justin lovelies attorney out of South Carolina, he does an amazing job showing you actually how to use artificial intelligence in your law firm. So he's gonna do a workshop and actually show you how to get some of these tools in actual place in your law firm. I don't think anybody in North America seen my buddy John McCarthy, he's from London, England. And he's the law firm profit coach. So I'll be introducing him to a lot of you. And Jason mountains. Awesome. He's got over 2 million Instagram views, and he's going to show you how to do it. So please join us. 1010 Golden Listen, maybe if you don't mind, put the link in the chat for the folks who are here live. We'd love to see you in a couple months in April, Florida. So a little bit about me. I come from Winnipeg, Canada, we're proud to say it's one of the coldest places on earth. One day last year it was actually colder than Mars, if you can believe it. And we got really, really lucky, really smart and my wife and I, we moved to Boca Raton, there's Barney and our little guy Parker, and we love living in Florida over 20 years now. Now, earlier in my career, I worked for Coca Cola, McDonald's, and I worked on some of the world's biggest, most advertised and popular brands, and went directly from selling sugary Coca Cola and high fat, delicious McDonald's food to working at EA And D is where I really jumped full time into digital marketing. Now, this was long time ago, in 20 22,002, and 2003, we were generating $60 million in revenue from advertising on E I was asked to speak at the Direct Marketing Association, and I wrote a presentation called the 10 Golden Rules of online marketing. That became the name of my company. And we've been doing this for 20 years. Matter of fact, at tgr live in April, we'll be celebrating with a big party on Thursday night for our 20th anniversary. So these two books became Amazon bestsellers. And my new book is called advanced Internet Marketing for law firms. Our company's called 10 golden rules. And we do surprisingly enough internet marketing for law firms. We'd love to help you with your Google SEO pay per click and of course, the local service ads. Here's some amazing clients we work with across the country. Law tigers, probably the biggest national footprint. Jeff Phillips kills it in Arizona, Jeff McDonald in Richmond, Virginia, and the stewards in Indiana. And here's a couple of beautiful new websites we put up in the last year for the Fosters. And for federal in West Texas, and New Mexico. I did mention that our YouTube channel is doing great. This is a screenshot I took in January, we got 4040 44,000 views on our top video took a screenshot this week, it's up to 74,000 views. So thank you all who are watching on YouTube. I know we're getting a ton of exposure and a ton of you're watching these videos, do me a huge favor as well just click on the subscribe button if you're watching on YouTube. Or even if you don't mind, if you're watching this today, go and subscribe on YouTube. It helps us a lot. Obviously, it looks better. And we need to get to 1000 to actually create it, you know one of those YouTube channels. So love, love Bert subscriptions and likes. If you're watching this video, please give us a like and subscribe. And some of some of the great videos you can find on there. The secrets of local search. Here's a case study with Brian Garrett how he is up 395%. Here's a session on AI chat GPT. So tons of great content on our YouTube channel final thing. We love to get hockey sticks for our clients. And this is one of the case studies where we got a client from 1000 visitors to their website to 9000. And from 20 or 30 leads a month to 226 to 32. So without further ado, let's jump into the secret code to get the top three Google screen again, just do me a favor throw in the chat. Do you have like, how many clients a month are you getting from Google screen? So I want to see like do we have some people who are succeeding? Maybe we can just throw in there the number so like, are you getting the 10s? Are you getting the 20 clients a month anyone really, really killing it getting like 50 clients a month that would be our top client is getting about 50 a month. Now this program started, I guess about seven or eight years ago now. And Google introduced it in the Home Services category. It's still called Google guaranteed today. And the purpose of Google guaranteed was for the plumbers, the air conditioning guys, the locksmiths the garage door repairs, anyone who had access to your home the interior of your home, they are then they still do it but the original premises they would get do background checks on these folks. Because obviously the person your locksmith your garage door literally has the keys to your house. So it's still a great program. I highly recommend it. If you're getting you know air conditioning or plumbing. If you go through this program if you you know if you don't get a referral, and you also get a $2,000 guarantee when you hire someone through the program. Now, just the basics. A lot of people ask the question like how do I get screened if you haven't done it? Again, I'm super positive about this program. So I'm all over Read, especially for our loyal clients. So the first thing is, and we do this for our clients, we created a new Gmail address, you don't want to, it seems to confuse Google, if you use an existing Gmail, especially if that existing Gmail has a Google Ads account. So you want to create the new Gmail, you're going to create your full profile on the local service ads program, obviously, you can just google google screened local service ads, you're going to find the program, some people call it LSAS. By the way, you need a current bar license proof of insurance in some states, and it'll walk you through, there's about 14 things you need to get screened, or approved, used to take five or six weeks. And we used to have to sit on hold with Google. But now it happens relatively quickly. 10 days, two weeks, you should be getting get approved. So you know, the question everyone wants to know, how do I get in the top three are? Technically now it's the top two? Again, we'll I'll give you the the download for what we call our secret algorithm. But here's the what we find to be the seven keys to getting in the top of Google screen, the things that when we apply these to our clients, we're consistently showing up, you know, not always, number one, not always number two, nobody can tell you that nobody can guarantee you that. It's an AI algorithm. But here's the basic checklist of things you need to do. I call this the White House red phone secret. And this may be an urban myth. I don't believe there was actually a red phone in the Reagan White House. But during the Cold War, there was definitely a direct line. I believe it was like some kind of teletext according to my research. But when when Russia called in the middle of the Cold War, you know, the US immediately picked up the phone. I mean, the world was on Tinder hook. So the red phone concept is that when somebody calls, you got to pick up the phone. And that's become mission critical for law firms today

Jay Berkowitz:

And you know, everybody else in this program plumbers, tax accountants real estate, because Google's measuring how responsive you are, if you don't answer calls within 15 seconds. And if you regularly miss calls, you're gonna fall out of the top three, I'm sorry, but there's no, there's no fudge area there, right? Because Google is going to put people at the very top of Google, who give their customers the results you're looking for. If someone's looking to hire an attorney, if someone's looking for a plumber, or air conditioning guy, and their air conditioning is out, you know, and it's the middle of summer, you've got to pick up the phone, right? And Google's like, doesn't matter how much you bid, they want to also please their customers, the Google searchers. So you got to answer the phone. And the other thing, they're tracking it now. And we can see it in the back end. So if you're missing calls, and you're not answering phones, answering the phones quickly, you know, Google, I believe Google's factoring that not only to the LSA algorithm, the Google screen, they're also factoring that into SEO and Google Maps. So you've got to nail this part of your business, you've got to have 24/7, call answering, and in particular, that nine to five, he got it gotta get the full answer. Now, here's the top bidding mode. It is this is not a guarantee across all accounts. But if you're if you're not doing maximize leads, we find the accounts are not working as well. So if you're doing maximize bids are setting it up differently. And you want to set that budget high enough money, you'll never spend the budget. You see here we have a $10,000 a week budget, you gotta set it high enough that you're in the game. And nine, nine times out of 100, you're never going to spend 10,000 a week. I mean, I showed you one of our clients are spending 30,000 a month in there, that's like the highest we have. So you want to designate all leads immediately is booked in archive. So it when you log into your Google screen, once you set up once you're approved once you screen, you log in here. And this is a really good Google screen, right? We see there's only two new leads, and almost everything has been designated in the back end of the system. Again, this is the secret algorithm. These items are non negotiable. You have to have someone getting in the back end of the system, probably twice a day minimum and saying this was a good lead. We booked it, we paid for it. We love it give us more leads like this, you know, every time someone searches that we want that lead or this was someone from not our practice area or not our market area Google you got it wrong this time. You sent us a you know a robo call with a recorded someone trying to sell me something, those ones you can archive or if you have to dispute them. Okay, but you want to do that very, very cautiously. You really want in any time. Like if you're a family lawyer, and anyone has a question about family law, you want to pay for those, okay? If they're calling for real estate lawyer, that's fine. You can you can tell them hey, this is not in my practice area. But anything to do with your practice area. You want to pay for those as booked. And that's part of the cost of doing business. Even if it's not a case, even if they have no money, even if you didn't sign that person up, you're paying for leads you're paying for leads in your practice area, you want to always book those. What we found from our Google rep, is a little secret here that if you get one or two new Google reviews, one or two new reviews, in every single week, this is a weekly metric. That is the magic for the algorithm. So if you've got a couple locations who are split those reviews, and you want to work hard, with customers, with business partners, with anyone you do any any free consulting for make sure those folks give you a Google review, obviously, one four or five star Google review. But you want to get that that one to two, a per week cadence. It's not a game anymore of getting like 700 reviews. It's more about that cadence and the regularity. I had of software called BirdEye. There. Once again, I'm going to share the secret code. All this is in the in the PDF. I'll pause for a minute, you can scan this and just go to the landing page and get the secret code. Alright, some new things. New Google has some new data in the backend. So for the longest time, everyone said, why don't we have data like we have in the Pay Per Click program, or from Google Analytics? So now Google starting to tell us your ad was shown 5258 times and your your number one at 1.5%? This guy, I can guarantee you whichever client This is, I don't know. They're doing great because they're coming up at 1%. Google's testing some things. So one thing we've seen, it's not common across the country. Now. They're saying how quickly you reply? Well, guess what, you know, these guys are both taking message leads. And my buddy, David Eltringham, is doing great. He replies in 15 minutes. But gold law only replies in a day. So you got to also, you know, you got to obviously answer the phone. And then if you're taking the message leads, you've got to get back to these folks right away. And we recommend having the messages come to a cell phone, and then you reply right away on the cell phone. Again, they're measuring all this in the algorithm, it's contributing to how high you rank in the algorithm.

Jay Berkowitz:

Another thing they've added to the program is photos. Here's the guy who's number one, coming up against Morgan and Morgan. And we got him to give us a bunch of photos, just him in the office him in his in his boardroom or whatever, and you add those photos, it's a great way to stand out in the marketplace. Another thing you can do is assign service areas. So you can be very specific, right? Like you see, all the blues are the counties we selected when setting up this client. Now, the other thing I mentioned that I promised you a free chair today is the help I've fallen and I can't get back up, you know, making fun of the old TV commercial. But you know, here's the attorney, who's fallen out of the top three, a Google Google screen. And again, we hear this all the time, like when we started this program, we got screened, Google was given us the love, we got 3040 cases over the first couple months, and then it just dried up. Well, look, I mean, obviously you got to go through the algorithm, you've got to make sure you're answering the phone, you got to make sure you're not missing any calls, got to make sure someone's getting in and designating those leads, you got to get your reviews on a case of one or two per week. If you've got all those things figured out.

Jay Berkowitz:

And this is what we mean by fallen out of the top three. So if you click on more personal injury lawyers, Google's now showing 20 results. And you can see where you're where you're ranking. You're either in the top two, top three, or you're out of the top 20 entirely. So the first thing and you know a lot of people just don't realize this, something in their in their back end admin panel has been unapproved, okay, you've got to put in your your bar license, some bar licenses, depending on the state, they never expire. But every year you got to go in and put a date. So you put in today's date, and then it'll expire in a year. According to Google. Sometimes photos get unapproved. Sometimes photos disappeared. I mean, obviously, this is a new program, it's run on AI, crazy things can happen. Okay, now, if there's nothing obvious, one of the things you can do, you've tried everything, okay, you're answering the phone, you're getting reviews, you're designating whatever leads you get, but you just can't get back up there. One of the things we've had success with is we open up super broad for a couple of weeks, we invest 234 $1,000. Take every lead Google gives us and the way you do that is you open up your categories, and you open up the geography. So you see here we would open up other and we would take any kind of law inquiry. Now your lawyer, you can take the lie inquiries, and you can refer them out. But you want to take everyone and pay for everyone. I mean, unless it's like actually a record robocall, you're going to pay for everything for two or three weeks invest two or $3,000. Because this is an investment, to get the flow going again, what we find is, once you get the fossick going, you get those calls, you want to be open 24/7. If you're not want to get the after hours call center, you want to get in there and designate those leads 24/7. The other thing is a multi location strategy. So sometimes you maybe you're in a competitive competitive area, you can't get that one location going. A lot of times we want to add a second location strategically, because obviously, if Google's going to be and they do have proximity, built into the algorithm, this is Morgan and Morgan's head office. But Morgan's acquired a whole bunch of listings, I think they have six or seven locations now, right in Orlando. Now, they obviously have a big building, I assume they have a big head office, they don't need six or seven locations, I assume they've done this for a Google Maps locations for SEO purposes. And for LSAS. Because Google builds proximity into the algorithm. So what you want to do is add a second or third location. Now remember, you've got to have reviews, and you've got to have the wherewithal to have that location, you can't just you can't just get a Pio box, you can't just get a Regis or a we work shared office space, you got to have an actual location, gotta have a sign on the door, you know, you don't always have to have someone there, one of the things I say is, you know, get a second office, in your accountants office, that's a great way to do it, because you don't want to be in another law firm, because that confuses Google Maps and confuses the algorithm. So you want like, a great thing to do is like get a location, a lot of people are getting retail locations, just a small location in a mall. And by the way, you don't want it to be fancy, you want it to be where your clients are. A lot of law firms, you know, look, put the first location in a swishy downtown office building. But that's not convenient for a lot of your clients, you know, particularly in personal injury or bankruptcy or things like that, right? Your clients are out in the suburbs. So you open a location out there, where your clients are, where they're going to see proximity, when they're doing a search, you can have lawyer profiles. So here's Eduardo and my buddy Eduardo Rodriguez, and his partner, Mr. Party, and now both of them have lawyer profiles, and you want to do that pretty much, you know, multi lawyer strategies is the way to go now. And then, of course, you're gonna accept everything, no disputing during this time period where you're trying to reboot the Google screen. So those are the basic strategies you follow, you can't get up, you're gonna like open the thing up, you could open up point four, seven, you're gonna widen the geography, you maybe get a second location, and you're going to take any lead for like two or three weeks, you're going to refer those leads out and try and break even on on those, but what you're doing is getting the faucet flowing again. Next up here, some advanced strategies. These are some of the things that we're mostly only sharing with our clients. So for those of you who stuck around long enough, here's the event. So you want to put lots of notes. So you don't just go in the back end and say, you know, hey, booked or archive, you want to put lots of notes, the person was sitting on the bench got hit, you know, Bob of a person fell, right? This is kind of a personal one. But you want to put in keywords, and you want to put lots of information. This is like the SEO search engine optimization. When we write copy for our website, you're writing copy for the AI algorithm, you're talking about case types, you're talking about treatment, you're talking about doctors, you're talking about MRIs, the kinds of things are relevant to personal injury in personal injury, and obviously, other practice areas. Now, my friend, Josh Nelson, I love when he says what gets gets measured gets attention and improves. So he, this is the kind of tracking we do for our clients, you can set this up for yourself relatively easily in a spreadsheet, here's the budget, here's the leads charge. Here's the cost per lead to disputes. So they did dispute a few. But again, you want to do that relatively judiciously See, they're doing a really nice job. They're only disputing five or 10%. And again, we're only disputing something way out of the practice area, or something like like a sales call or something like that. So they had 90 leads on 94 calls 86 connected, they did miss a couple. This is the return after the disputed calls, the budget spent before disputed calls, so they're gonna we're projecting we'll get 2000 back. So we spent 33,000. So 36 months to two, we signed 30 cases, cost per case $1,100. So this is the kind of tracking and measurement you want to have. Now another thing we developed for this program is a software we call tgr boomerang so if you miss a call now a lot everybody He misses calls, doesn't matter how good your phone answering is, you're going to miss calls. And the reason for that is a lot of people hear the Google recorded Google records these calls, they hear that recording, and then they hang up. Because they don't want you know, they don't want to be recorded, or it's not their case, they're calling for their aunt. So when someone and obviously if you miss a call with the way our software works, teach our Boomerang, I got my my Australian boomerang over here, the way the toy works, you throw it out, and it comes back and you catch the boomerang in Australia, right? The way our software works, the lead comes in, you missed the call, your intake team gets a text, and they can immediately click that number and call that person right back. So we've developed a software to help you with those missed calls. And in particular, those people who search like, you know, I'll use a different category, business litigation attorney near me, and the Google screen came up and they clicked it. And they heard there was a recording and they didn't want to talk about, you know, this issue they're having with their business, they hung up, well, that's still a really good lead. So you call that person back. And Google's not even going to charge you for it. So that's a really great leads, right? But you got to call them right away, or they're gonna call someone else. All right. So basically, we're at the wrap up, and I'll be happy to take some questions. So let me go through, first of all, the secret algorithm, I'll give you that code. Again, if you want to download the workbook. First things first answer within 15 seconds. So you gotta, you gotta have a way to answer the calls. The other thing is, you don't want to go through a phone tree, you don't want to go through the like, if you're a new customer press one, if you're an existing customer press two, like Ideally, these, these calls are worth their weight in gold. So you'd put them right through to the new customer, right through to someone's got pickup quickly, within 15 seconds, you want to get in the back end disposition couple times a day, there's some great Google review strategies, I talked about BirdEye, we've got another product, we call these our VIP kids. And what we do is we if you don't get a Google review, so our clients then send us a list of their completed cases, who didn't do a Google review for them. And then we send them out this goodie box, which is full of all kinds of the company's logo merchandise, we've got a Starbucks gift card in there. And we've got some VIP cards for them to give to friends or family for referrals. And then we call them up say, hey, I want to make sure you got your, you know, your VIP box or the inner circle club. And you're part of our family now. And we sent you some local merchandise and some VIP cards, make sure you take lunch on us from that gift card in there. And one more thing, can I ask you for a five star review. And so we actually walk them through how to do those five star reviews, that's our review program, have you fallen out of the top three, and he can't get back up. So we talked about, you're going to open things up, you might open up, you know, every category and take, you know the dog bites a slip and falls the real estate calls, you're going to try and refer them out to other people in your Bar Association. But you want to open the faucet, get the flow going. And then it's going to reduce the categories, you know, get rid of open after two or three weeks after a small investment. And then generally what we find is you'll get the cases in your category in the practice area you want. And you're gonna accept everything you're gonna pay for everything. Absolutely zero disputing or anything like that. And some of the new things you can add photo can add photos, there's some data in there now. So you know how many impressions and what percentage of the times you're coming up in the top three. And you can do more precise geo targeting, and excluding of GIOS. And some of the advanced strategies or boomerang software, where the lead comes in, you missed the call, some people hang up before it even hits your switchboard. And you can get back to those leads right away. Measurement, what you measure gets attention and improves. So you want to track exactly all the calls all the cases, what's cost per case, what percentage disputing how many reviews you're getting in each market, and put in detailed notes with keywords in the back end designation. With that, I'll wrap up I'll take some questions. If if you can want help with this. That's what we're here for. That's why we do these things. We want to meet folks who we can help who be great fit for our business. So please go to 10 Golden for a digital marketing audit. We're gonna have information about tgr live our big event in April on the site. We've it's been, you know, available only to clients up till now. But I think starting tomorrow, we're going to open it up and I love you for speaking opportunities. So I really appreciate any recommendations if you think this would be the type of presentation that you'd like to see at your local bar association. The State Trial Lawyers, aaj, whatever group, I'd love to have that recommendation and come out and see you folks live and be a part of your lunch and learn or whatever it is. And finally be happy to take some questions. So you can put it in the q&a or the chat. We'll try and watch LinkedIn to we're live on LinkedIn. And I'm just looking over here I see some of my friends. Hey, Matt Foley, Joe's here to Darius David Wolf. Bill, good to see you. I hope you guys are doing well. My friend Richard Shapiro, best let Tony's here. So go ahead and put some questions in the chat. And, and through the LinkedIn, and the list, we'll put them from from the chat. How do you resolve missed calls in Google screen? Well, I think I covered that a few different ways, Bill, you know, the first thing is, all of those missed calls are going to show up in your dashboard. So you just if you're in there a couple times a day, you miss a call, you call him right away, and you still have an opportunity to get that that client, you know, obviously, you want to do it as quickly as possible. And that's why we develop the boomerang software. Because most people are just gonna, you know, if you missed the call, they're just gonna call the next person on the list. John, John wants to know, how to determine how high my budget needs to be set. First of all, Google is gonna give you a guideline, but you're gonna set it way higher than what you actually want to spend. And, you know, we saw one example, I hit 10,000 a week. You know, that's a big market and a large law firm. But, you know, nine times out of 10, you know, you're only going to spend two or 3000 a week, even if you're set at 10,000. So the guideline is, I would set it a lot higher than you want, but don't worry, you're not going to spend it. And you can keep a close eye on it. If you're, we, I mentioned my my friend in, in New Jersey, you know, his Google screen is absolutely blowing up. And he spent about $20,000, but he signed like 25 PII cases last month, so he's winning. Martha asks, someone told me, all I have to do is increase my budget to get calls, is it that simple, it's actually it can actually work in reverse, like a lot of people put $100,000. And that seems to set off the algorithm. So, you know, I know this is hard to explain him, we're probably better off to do it with you, for you, when we look at your how many locations and what your current call traction is right now. But, you know, basically, if you put it too high, it seems to be like it sets the algorithm off. The other risk would that is Google does a silent credit card paying. And what I mean by that is, like, let's say you have four locations, and you set them at 10,000 a week. So that's 40,000 times four, that's 160,000. So Google does a silent credit check. Like they don't, they don't actually hit your credit card. But it's like when you when you sign up for a hotel, they check your credit card. So they're just gonna do a sound check like can this credit card handle $160,000. And unless you have like a unbelievable Amex black card, it, you know, you, you're probably going to give Google a little bit of a red flag there, and they're gonna be like, hey, this guy's overshooting his limit. We can't give him 160,000 In leads. So it's a bit of a balancing act. So you know, we might set it at like three 4000 per location. To get started, you might only spend 1000, but you're going to get to keep the bids higher than that. And then, you know, if you if the thing starts roaring like, like Steven Goldstein, obviously, you're going to take all those cases, he's hiring some help to handle all that right now. To handle the initial, he's got his investigators going 24/7. But that's a good problem to have. Right. David asks, How does Google verify the credentials and qualifications of service providers participating in local service ads? So for lawyers, and you know, that's obviously what our focus is, it's principally your bar license. Like, you need your address, you got to have a Google Maps, you know, gotta have a Google business profile is the gute what Google calls Google Maps, but in some states are going to inquire require your insurance, they might ask for a couple other things. But for the most part, it's just business information you have on an your credit card, and your bar license. barbus. What do I do if my photos are rejected by screen? Well, you can't ask Google for questions. But the basics is like you basically want a headshot from here and above. And this picture would be no good. I got way too much going on in the background. So you basically want a neutral background, and you want to be just like shoulders and above. You know, not usually smiling, you know, kind of kind of like a passport photo. Here. Yes. What? How do you address leads that haven't been designated within 24 hours? And what What will happen to the lead? Well, I think the lead stay in the system for 30 days. But you know, obviously, you know, if you don't address the lead within 24 hours, you know, first of all, that's a terrible business practice. But secondly, you know, you, like I said, you want to get in the system twice a day, and you want to put put a bunch of keywords in there, put a bunch of notes, you know, hey, we talked to Mrs. Johnson, she was injured on i 95, she was rear ended, the police were on the scene, she's went to the chiropractor, she's getting an MRI, and she's treating. And then one of the things is very valuable is you can actually book a meeting. So in the in the system, there's like a drop down, you can say, and Mrs. Smith will be coming to see us three o'clock tomorrow. So that's literally booking like the air conditioning and plumbers, guys, you can actually book the meeting. Jen asked, Are there incentives we can provide to clients in in return for reviews? Absolutely not. So it is against Google's Terms of Service, to give clients something in exchange for review. So you never want to do that. What we recommend is come up with a bonus program for your internal team, the young lawyers and paralegals who are reaching out to your clients. And you want to give them the incentive. So it's worth a $50 gift certificate for every five star Google review you get, and then make it fun, like create a contest of everyone who gets a review gets a chance to win tickets to the concert. And so that works really well. David Chamberlin, can we get a recording of this presentation? David, it's awesome that you ask because we put all of these on our YouTube channel. And we will send everyone who's here today, we'll send you a link to the recording, it probably takes a day or two to get it up. But we'll definitely provide that. So thank you for asking. Oh, the other thing is, scan this. So if you if y'all are seeing this presentation on on video or on LinkedIn, for example, we might not have your email. Just go in there. Give us your information. And we'll send everyone the recording.

Jay Berkowitz:

Hey, David Wolf, how are you? How are firms handling the 15 seconds, we have a short intro that says press one. If this is a new case, then it goes to our attorney sells. I don't know if this is 15 seconds, but not sure how else to do it. You know, that's a little bit tricky. Because the best thing is like listen, go onto your back end. And Google's going to tell you how long it took to answer the calls. So if there's an actual tracking, and there's actual reporting on there, because it's going to your attorney cells, that's a little trickier, because I assume you're not in the office. But you know, I guess the only thing is if it if this system is failing, you need a new system. So maybe you got to have someone, you know, take the calls, and then switch them to the attorney sells to Darius can LSAS help with organic SEO ranking? You know, to the best of our knowledge. LSAS aren't directly linked to the organic SEO, but my theory is like everything's linked. So they're starting to track the calls, I believe they're going to put that into the algorithm for Google Maps. Google Maps definitely affects the SEO algorithm. So my guess is that, you know, if you're appearing regularly, you're covering off all those seven factors. We talked about the secret algorithm, you're getting cases, your disposition, those calls really quickly, your booking meetings, I think it's going to help in your overall SEO algorithm. I haven't heard anyone at Google has said that I don't believe anyone's found that in their patents. You know, we generally find out when Google files patents and trademarks and things like that. That's where we find out a little bit about the Google algorithm. But I'm I haven't heard that to be a fact. But I believe it to be true. All day. Is it ethical for a law firm to offer something exchange of reviews? It is it is not only is it I doubt it's ethical. In the in your Bar Association I've never looked. But I believe I know for a fact, it's against Google's Terms of Service. So you never want to offer Hey, if you give me a five star review, I'll give you a $25 gift certificate, gifts, the terms of service. Never put that in your advertising marketing. Google could very likely shut down your Google Maps. It's definitely a problem. Hey, Chris, if I'm just starting out on LSAS in a competitive market, for PII, when should I expect to start seeing leads? Great question. You know, best case scenario is probably going to take four to six weeks after you're approved. But the good news is when you get approved for the first time, after those four to six weeks, Google is going to give you a few testers. If you have To the phone, if you designate the lead, if you're if you book it, you pay for it, you don't dispute it, Google will start giving you a little bit of love. And what we've seen is a lot of new accounts, generally get that love for the first two or three months. Once they start, you know, you're gonna get four or five, six calls the first, the first one, say they first started his first few weeks, if you do the right things, you're gonna get eight or 10, or your 20 calls the next few weeks. And then what's harder is to stay there. So that's why so many people say, you know, I've helped by falling out of the top three, because they didn't do the right things, or they disputed far too many. Because they're like, Well, you know, this guy was in a car accident, but it was his fault. And he doesn't have any insurance. So I'm not paying for that lead. That's a shitty lead Google. But you're not understanding Google. You know, Google is saying, you know, we sent you a lead the guy search car accident attorney. If you're not paying for that, we'll just send those leads to someone else. Google doesn't care whether it was a case or not. They are listening to the calls. That's why they record the calls. But it's artificial intelligence. And they're not. They're not differentiating whether or not to go ahead insurance. Right. They're only saying this was a good lead. This guy was in a car accident. And he took his personal information. So as far as Google is concerned, it was elite. All right, let me just check. Oh, we got a q&a question. Anonymous attendee Hey, anonymous, I'm just starting out and LSAS in a larger competitive market. How soon should I expect to see leads?

Jay Berkowitz:

I think we just Oh, Chris, maybe just give me that one. Like I said, you know, probably two to four weeks after you're approved to get your first leads, do the right things will keep coming in. All right now, I don't know if I can see any interactions on LinkedIn. I think it's LinkedIn lives really cool. We got a whole bunch of people got over 150 people registered on the LinkedIn live. I think that's it. We're right about where we are about 50 minutes. So we got it in under an hour. Anyways, as I mentioned, happy to work with you on this, we charge a small amount just to do an audit of your LSA program. If, if that's what you really need, like, hey, I want to make sure everything's set up correctly. We'll do that for you. We'll also just, you know, just manage your LSAS. And then ideally, what we'd love to do is work with you on your SEO, your pay per click your LSAS we do video and tons of social media as well. So give us a shout out 10 Golden te N Golden or scan this code on your screen, and we'll get back in touch with you. So thanks everyone for being here. Have a great rest of your day rest of your week. And good luck with those LSAS

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