The Ballad of Jersey Guy and Shoe Dude
Episode 420th May 2020 • Wayward Sports • Wayward Planet Media, LLC
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In this episode, Chris cleans out his jersey-filled closet and B.C. realizes it's gotta be the shoes.

In the first half, B.C. and Chris talk about playing games while real life is distracting you and listen as Michael Jordan laughs at his competition. We also talk about how our parents influence our sporting lives, especially if they buy us the sweet sports gear we want.

Our halftime entertainment is Total Breakdown by Brad Sucks. If you would like to be featured as the halftime performance of a future episode, reach out to us: waywardsportshalftime at gmail dot com.

We kick off the second half talking about The Phantom Menace and decide if George Lucas actually destroyed our childhood by simply making a movie.

We shift back to sports talking shoes, sneakers, and all sorts of footwear. We finish off the show talking jerseys, and if teams should retire player numbers.

Wayward SportsTM is hosted by B.C. Wehman and Chris Clem. Audio wizardry performed by Jonathan Wehman from Limitless Audio.

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