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Mike Ranger returns to make a ruling on who had the best week between October 1975, 1982, & 1993!
4th November 2020 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Another week, and another retro battle! Mike Ranger hasn't judged an episode in well over a year. Matter of fact, for a stretch in early 2019, Mike Ranger was our dedicated judge. Judge Ranger knows the ropes, and brings his own unique judging style to the table! This is a week experience, so you never can predict what picks could be brought to the table, and this episode is no different. Drew is back in the fold and he had to dig real deep to deliver the best he could find for his week in October 1975. Marc James threw on his leather Member's Only jacket and was ready to rock with the best of the last week of October 1982! Finally, Mancrush completes this week experience challenge with the finest final week of October 1993 he could conjure.

You're in for a treat, Mike Ranger uses his very methodical judging prowess to determine the winner of this stiff matchup! In this episode, you might hear something about a boy who thought he could fly, the weirdest hot product you couldn't even imagine, Mancrush bores Judge Ranger, another unexpected duet, Erik Estrada takes down not Gene Simmons, Marc phones home for a hot product, Sean Maguire went to see about a girl, women's rights, the birth of the candy x-ray, extreme body modifications, Drew goes to bat for spider's rights, never judge a movie by its cover, David Carradine edges out Bruce Willis, a cocaine-fueled album rocks the westies, and Mike Ranger must be delirious to not be a fan of this artist! 

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