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Shelly Drymon: Falling Apart Successfully
Episode 526th October 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E52: Shelly Drymon: Falling Apart Successfully


Shelly from Women Over 50: Life Redesigned, joins the show and shares how falling apart may be the best thing that ever happens to you, how bad decisions are great stories at parties, drunk texting actually dials karma's number, and how accountability sets you free.

Special Guest

Shelly Drymon - Accomplished woman and Podcast Host of Women Over 50: Life Redesigned.

Time Stamps


[01:55-Meet Shelly Drymon]

[33:13 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Train tracks lead to a destination; just not always the one you think

*Drunk texting calls karma

*Drastic changes save lives

*Narcissism blinds you until it's in the rearview mirror

*Distance gives perspective and it starts with accountability; find your wake up moment

*Choose your hard or it is chosen for you

*Getting physical can help with your mental journey

*Create your space & participate in your life

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