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Two Tom's Talkin' Travel - Tom Brussow and Tom Karnes EPISODE 3, 6th August 2020
Hidden Gems
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Hidden Gems

On this episode Toms talk to Sarah Q, an Executive at Apple Leisure Group, about the differences between booking a trip through tour operator and booking a trip on your own. Toms talk about hidden gems when it comes to destinations. And as a final thought, a tip from Tom Karnes: If you’re a Disney fan and you’ve never visited Disney World before, don’t go now. It’s not time to go.

Episode Highlights

01:24 - Disney World opened on July 11 after its four-month closure during the coronavirus shutdown

08:55 - Respect Flight Attendants. Toms urge people not to snap their fingers to call Flight Attendants. Also, call button is for emergencies or important things only.

17:45 - Consumers should book their trips through travel agents. Their experience, first hand knowledge and confidence will guarantee a remarkable traveling adventure.

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