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Start at the End: Building for the Solar Circular Economy - Episode 6 Power Players by Origis®
Episode 626th January 2022 • Power Players by Origis® • Origis
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Topic: Start at the End: Building for the Solar Circular Economy

Moderator: Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Origis Services

Guest: Amanda Bybee, CEO, Amicus O&M Cooperative

Decommissioned solar photovoltaic (PV) panels could add up to 1 million tons of waste in the U.S. by 2030 (GreenBiz). Turning circularity challenges into opportunities sits, to a great degree, in the hands of solar O&M firms who will be charged with recycling large volumes of end-of-life modules. Amanda Bybee, CEO of Amicus O&M Cooperative and volunteer leader at, sits in a unique position at the crossroads of O&M and recycling efforts. In episode 6 of Power Players by Origis®, Bybee joins Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman to discuss why and how the future of solar recycling starts today.

Three Takeaways for Responsible Solar Development:

  1. Think of the End and the Beginning
  2. Anticipate Waste with a Materials List 
  3. Don't Solve One Problem by Creating Another

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