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The Future Of Data
Episode 3962nd March 2021 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Description: Discussion, session and conversation with leaders, influencers and trend setters that are defining the future of data. Discussion, session and conversation with leaders


Opinion: Your show starts off with a very long stretch of music. Then you sound like you're reading the person's LinkedIn profile. You then ask him about his background. This delivered no value to me. Your audio was OK (a slightly boomy mic), but listenable.


Add a voice-over to your music and introduce the show (so people know what it's about) and then introduce the topic for the episode. Instead of reading their bio, explain why YOU are excited to have this person on, and what they can expect to learn.

The link to subscribe to the show don't work on your website, and there is no way to listen to the audio on your website. Two factors that boost Apple rankings are the total number of downloads (in Apple) and the total number of Subscribers. I would recommend fixing that and offering Apple, Google, and Spotify (as 75% of Europe is on an Android phone).

I see where you are using Soundcloud. Soundcloud hasn't implemented the changes that Apple put in place back in 2017. A better choice is (use the coupon code sopfree to get a full month of hosting)

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