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Rethinking Creativity, Stepping In & Stepping Back // with Melissa Ohlman-Roberge (Mom Who's Been There)
Episode 1621st December 2021 • Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them • Carmelita Tiu
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What does it mean to be creative?  How do we raise good kids? What does a mom of 3 grown daughters wish she knew back then, or know for sure now?

My guest this week, and the second featured “mom who’s been there”, is Melissa Ohlman-Roberge.  Melissa is the mom of 3 daughters, ages 29, 26 and 24 as well as their dog, Zoe, and is partner to husband Kevin, who dabbles on the stage when not running his staffing business.  She calls herself a “creative instigator” who thrives on the energy of the creative process as it unfolds in real time. She has worked as a theater artist and educator for more than 30 years.  In addition, Melissa is a visual artist focusing on mixed media collage and printing. 

In this episode, Melissa shares her hard-earned wisdom as an educator and mom, and the importance of creativity as an everyday approach, as well as tips for moms of tween & teen girls today.

Melissa shares:

  • What her parenting approach was like, and her relationship with her daughters now
  • The importance of true creativity and appreciating the process
  • What she learned from raising her three daughters
  • Her best advice for moms of tweens & teens today 

For more about Melissa Ohlman-Roberge, head here:

  • Instagram: @MORcreates
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