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Chapter 191. Third drawer on the left in the laptop
Episode 1918th January 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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The vibe of #191 is very much around easing into the new year gently.

I am not sure how the return to work has been for you, but for Ant & myself it felt like we needed a little bit of a soft nudge into 2024. So today is somewhat chatty and loose - but at least you get to find out what I have been up to over Christmas.

On the subject of what I have been up to, if you have tickets (or plans to book) for the new ABBA experience Voyage then proceed with caution as there are a couple of minor spoilers about half way through.

Oh and please take note of the request for your Marillo-journeys. It would be really nice to include some of these over the next few months.


More Love. Less Swearing. Dry January.

(Is that the dry crackle I hear of hell freezing over?..)


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