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Access your Awareness to Confidence with Sophie McLean
Episode 4513th October 2022 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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My guest this week is Sophie McLean the Founder of Access Awareness.

To describe Sophie McLean’s life as “eventful” would be quite an understatement. She’s been a helicopter pilot, a teacher, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, a CEO, and a UN Representative; she’s been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people globally, examining the human network of ideas, beliefs, consciousness, and ego.

Sophie McLean's mission is to contribute to the creation of a new culture for humankind; or the shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus, as Dr. David Hawkins so beautifully wrote.

Sophie's seminar and podcast topics span both human and metaphysical dimensions – exposing and deconstructing the automatic ego, consciousness, freedom, love, stress, anxiety, fear, relationships, health, sex, money, ownership, leadership, spirituality, creation and evolution, the feminine and the masculine, responsibility, and making an effective, actionable difference in the world.

Sophie engages people in a rigorous review of their life and a systematic questioning of their conclusions on the basis that without examining our network of ideas, beliefs, social and cultural judgments, and our assumptions about the world, those are transformed into constraints. Her interest is in the nature of what it means to be human.

Sophie's book, The Elegance of Simplicity: A Wisdom Teacher's Epic Journey to Awareness, is a compelling, thought-provoking work of autobiographical fiction, one that communicates life-altering concepts proposing an effortless pathway to awareness. It’s a deeply authentic and dramatic story of self-discovery, about what is possible when you take responsibility, own your power, and become one with life.

In Sophie McLean's life and work, she strives to bring elegance, worldly experience, grit, courage, and insight leading to revelation and transformation.

To find out more about Sophie please use the following links:



Insta: sophiemclean.accesstoawareness



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Melbourne (where I live) is currently receiving a year's worth of rain in a couple of days so you might be able to hear that in the background of this recording. I did think about taking it out of the recording but that is something only a highly skilled sound engineer could do and also it makes this podcast real.

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