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Financial Planning For Entertainers with Edward Samuel | TSMP #115
Episode 11524th July 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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How To Get A Good Bang For The Buck

Ed Samuel is a financial adviser who specialises in helping self-employed individuals maximise their financial wellbeing.

He works closely with clients, builds relationships based on trust, and has an in-depth understanding of personal finances.

Ed offers solutions in all aspects of financial planning including life insurance, savings and investments, managing cash and borrowings, mortgages, retirement planning, and pensions.

In this episode, Ed joins Ashley to discuss how entertainers can prosper financially by managing their money optimally. 

Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:50] Who Is Ed Samuel?
  • [04:05] The Basics Of Managing Your Money
  • [07:45] Creating Long-Term Financial Goals
  • [10:10] How To Analyse Your Financial Statements
  • [12:30] Small Behvaiours Lead To Big Changes
  • [17:45] The Wonders Of Compound Growth
  • [20:10] Allocating A Budget Towards Your Pension
  • [25:10] An Action Plan To Utilise Your Money Efficiently
  • [28:20] Should You Keep Money In The Bank?
  • [36:10] Final Message From Ed

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