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Chapter 33. Brave, it certainly is...
Episode 337th December 2020 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Well that was a little bit of a shock...

I was doing a little bit of prep for todays chapter (no, honestly we do put a little bit of thought into TCD before the red light goes on) and it as it turns out the entries for ALL of 1993 are spread over 4 and-a-bit pages!

Mmm, I seem to recall quite a lot went on in 1993.

Undaunted, (and being the true old pros we are) Ant & I powered on to backfill some of the story around the journey that would take the band & myself to the Brave album. And as you will see it was the catalyst for a lot of things that still happen to this day.

So strap in for for tales of arrow slits, flummoxed Abbey Road engineers, tanning salons, loose change in Lime Street and making a Racket for the first time.

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