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Master David Sheppard talks to the Dark Master
Episode 5914th July 2023 • Living Martial Arts • Master Ray Gayle
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First and foremost, Master David Sheppard is a lovely person. Like many martial arts teachers I know, he’s passionate about giving his students all the help and support they need and much more. He’s one of those guys who continually goes the extra mile.

I first saw Master Sheppard many years ago when he was a young lad making his way up the ranks as a competitor. At that time, he had a unique fighting style that I tried to copy without success. I can honestly say that Master David Sheppard was the first person I saw use a front-leg machine gun sidekick with such precision and accuracy that it blew my mind.  I believe his machine gun kick has been copied by many but equalled by none.  I talk about his famous sidekick and other things martial arts related.

It was lovely to catch up with him and confirm that he hasn’t changed and is still lovely.

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.

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