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A Big League Niche (Billy Burns)
Episode 722nd June 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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On today's episode of The Dugout CEO, we welcome Billy Burns, a former professional MLB player turned Atlanta Real Estate extraordinaire. Billy shares valuable wisdom and advice from his professional career, offering insights applicable to various aspects of life.

In our conversation, Billy emphasizes three key aspects. Firstly, focus on unique gifts and strengths, not comparing oneself to others. Secondly, handle pressure by slowing down and giving your best effort without fixating on outcomes. Lastly, balance personal and professional life by being fully present and setting clear boundaries. These aspects foster growth and harmony.


  • Journey to success: Overcoming challenges on the path to professional sports and business achievement.
  • Maximizing strengths: Harnessing personal strengths, staying focused, and navigating comparisons.
  • Knowing your niche: Recognizing the importance of excelling in a chosen field and understanding one's unique skill set.
  • Transition and adaptation: Successfully transitioning from sports to business, embracing new opportunities, and learning valuable lessons.
  • Balancing highs and lows: Managing both triumphs and challenges in the chosen profession while prioritizing rest, recovery, and personal growth.

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