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73 | Setting Rituals Around Your Goals with Danielle McGeough
27th April 2023 • Mama Business, Make Money Online, Grow Your Online Business • Sarah Brumley, Business Strategy Coach
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If you know me at all, you know that I love to plan and set goals, and then do everything I can to achieve them so I thought that today would be an amazing opportunity for us to talk with someone who excels in this area. Because, unlike me - you might be someone that doesn’t like goals. That feels stressed and overwhelmed by the idea of having to set them to start with and then do something about them. And trust me, you aren’t alone. So today, we’re going to have Danielle McGeough chat with us a bit about how to create goals that work for you, set rituals around them so you can make them go, and allow for work-life balance at the same time. Sound amazing to you? Then let’s do it.

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