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Wedding Videography: 5 Red Flags to Avoid - with Bryndon and Lynette Romero of Pioneer Media
Episode 2222nd July 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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The decision to do videography is something many couples struggle with until the last minute and not doing videography is usually a couple’s number one regret. Today, we’re discussing why that is and the 5 RED FLAGS you need to be aware of when hiring a videographer, especially when it comes to aerial footage.

Today, I have on the show a husband and wife team, Bryndon and Lynette Romero of Pioneer Media, who not only do amazing wedding photography but are also are one of the few companies that actually does video as well, and their particular specialty is in drone and aerial footage. Aerial footage is so popular right now and there are VERY specific rules you need to know about if you want aerial footage, rules that if you don’t do your research, can leave you with a hefty fine. We’ll be discussing all that in the show, so don’t worry,

On today's show, we discuss:

  • Why videography is always a last-minute decision
  • Videography from the past compared to what it is today
  • What video can do that pictures can't
  • Why hiring a videographer with WEDDING experience is more important than just have video experience
  • Why making a decision to do video NOW is so important, especially for those getting married this year and next year
  • The one important thing a videographer needs to do for photographers
  • Why knowing who's going to be filming your wedding is so's not always the person you speak to
  • Why having a second shooter is so important and why hiring an unknown assistant is a bad idea
  • Why you should be wary of a videographer who promises a certain length
  • What the difference is between flying a drone that's registered with the FAA vs. one that's Licensed with the FAA
  • Permits for drone footage
  • Why on-camera lighting is so bad and what you should ask for instead

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