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You Rising! - Lori Anne Rising EPISODE 10, 3rd February 2021
Unlocking the Badass Within
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Unlocking the Badass Within

Shutting down after traumatic events is common. Learning to feel again is work, but the as my guest shares with me today, the healing work is what unlocks our intuitive gifts and allows us to live and be our fullest potential. Join me as I talk with Erin Stabile, Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coach about her personal journey, her family’s acceptance of her gifts, how she talks with her children about their gifts, and even dive into Akashic Records and their use in freeing us from some of life’s most stuck and stubborn patterns.

Guest Bio:

Erin Stabile is an Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coach who helps people breakthrough paralyzing patterns and energetic blocks to expand their spiritual and intuitive gifts. She loves helping people fully step into their badass potential! She has used her spiritual work to virtually eliminate severe panic, anxiety and depression, assist in physical, emotional and trauma healing, calm the mind, and completely shift her mindset and outlook on life. Learn more about Erin at www.VintageMoons.com.

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