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Using Positive Client Selection to Boost your Revenue
Episode 10129th February 2024 • Wildly Successful Law Firm • Nermin Jasani
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Key Takeaways:

1. Positive client selection is crucial for a law firm's success. By assessing clients during the consultation process, you can identify the right fit for your firm and avoid unnecessary difficulties.

2. Automation is key. Establish automated follow-up processes to engage with qualified leads who are not yet ready to make a decision. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the initial meeting.

3. Embrace the power of saying no. Not every client is the right fit for your law firm, and that's okay. Learn to prioritize positive client relationships for long-term success.

Key highlights:

00:00 Reflections on building business from personal experience.

05:31 Reaching out, seeking collaboration, feeling uncomfortable.

07:46 Choosing positive clients crucial for law firm success.

12:14 Law firms should select clients wisely.

15:28 Clients' attitude matters; standardize consultation process.

19:57 Share information, repeat after the meeting.

24:03 Feeling grateful for clients, doctors and lawyers.

24:54 Clients evaluate, avoid lowering prices or exceptions.

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