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KISS vs. Sam Loomis, The Munsters Movie Trailer, Pantera and James Webb Space Telescope
Episode 2219th July 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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Is there alien life beyond the heavens? Will the James Webb Space Telescope have the answers? The Gen X Brothers discuss this very thing.

Erik gets horrifying news! The Sam Loomis YouTube Channel is shut down! How will life exist without new KISS footage from the past?

What is more terrifying than KISS? The new full Munsters Movie Trailer. Good or bad? Glenn and Erik talk about how it can go either way.

Will the beef metal heads reunite to pound their way into oblivion in the ultimate mosh pit over the gathering of a Pantera reunion?

And all things lead back to Donald Trump in our latest discussion on the fall of the American People.

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