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Ep. 28 The Mentorship Series Part. 2 Featuring Melissa Gallardo & Cindy Convery
Episode 2826th April 2023 • The Nopalera Podcast • Sandra Velasquez
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Sandra continues a new four part series of providing mentorship to entrepreneurs of various categories in our community. Part 2 features Melissa Gallardo, founder of Bonita Fierce Candles, a candle brand that honors her latin roots and Cindy Convery, the founder of PureWild Co. clean marine collagen products.  You will hear excerpts of questions asked from different stages of each entrepreneur's process and Sandra’s transparent explanations and advice in response. This episode we’re talking about vetting retail partners, talking to investors, and channel strategy. Muchas gracias to all the mentees for bringing their stories, curiosity and courage.  Our hope is that the topics covered will help and inspire you to forge ahead with your own entrepreneurial path with more knowledge and confidence.  Courage is Contagious!

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Read more about our guests:

Being Latin@ and American is not a linear experience and for Melissa, it meant a life-long struggle to navigate language, culture, and heritage as a brown, non-Spanish speaking Latina. It created a deep insecurity in her identity and distorted her feelings of what home meant. Then, she realized that feeling–of belonging, of finding your place, of being home– she wanted to create that feeling for other Latinas who were on journeys similar to hers. And so, she poured her first candle. She realized the scents she grew up with weren't represented in the home fragrance industry and set out to create fragrances that celebrate, honor and represent the cultural crossroads of being Latin@ and American.

Before launching PureWild Co. Cindy worked as a television director at ABC TV in San Francisco and later as a consultant with Warner Bros and Disney creating movie advertising campaigns. Launching PureWild Co. in June 2020 with a line of marine collagen infused drinks that are the only certified nonGMO collagen drinks on the market. PureWild Co. created the first ever collagen infused wines bottled in California’s Sonoma Valley and the first ever collagen supplements that have been formulated for women with breast cancer, autoimmune disorders and osteoporosis. PureWild Co. is a partner of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness and is working with the Choctaw Nation to donate supplements to Native women in need. Cindy is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. PureWild Co. is a certified Native American Woman owned company based in Ojai, California.