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Emotional Intelligence & People Skills
Episode 1221st December 2022 • Coffee & Conversation • Julia Maroney
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Being a good clinical manager requires emotional intelligence, empathy, and people skills. These traits are essential in order to foster strong working relationships, allowing the team to work together efficiently and collaboratively to provide great care and achieve agency goals.

It’s also very important for the retention of clinicians; emotional intelligence helps managers understand challenges facing their team, and to develop solutions that best meet their needs. When clinicians feel understood and supported by their manager, the likelihood of them staying increases significantly.

People skills are also a key factor in building trust between manager and team members; it’s important that staff feel valued within the organization. Successful supervisors know how to bring out the best in their staff through effective communication, and maintaining respect regardless of circumstance.

Clinical managers that have emotional intelligence, empathy and people skills have a much greater likelihood of leading successful teams and retaining a positive working environment for all involved.