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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - Rachel Nielson 29th October 2018
054: What If I’m Jealous? // Monica Packer of About Progress
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054: What If I’m Jealous? // Monica Packer of About Progress

Have you ever been a little bit jealous, even of a good friend? I\'m guessing the answer is YES because most of us face jealousy to varying degrees and in various forms throughout our lives.

In this episode, I talk openly with my dear friend and podcasting colleague, Monica Packer of About Progress, about how we have been jealous of each other at times--and what we\'ve decided to *do* with that emotion.

Monica shares three \"dive deep\" questions to ask yourself if you recognize that you\'re feeling jealous and if you want to use that feeling to become a better person and friend. (Yes, it\'s possible!)

Don\'t miss this honest, heartfelt episode, and let us know what it makes you think about in your own life!

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Show Notes

Monica\'s Website: https://aboutprogress.com/

Monica\'s Podcast: https://aboutprogress.com/podcast/

Monica\'s Progress Program: https://aboutprogress.com/progress-program/

Monica\'s article on Power of Moms that started our friendship: https://powerofmoms.com/mothering-doesnt-come-naturally/

Episode 42 \"How to Love Someone When It\'s Complicated or Hard: Lessons from Open Adoption\": https://3in30podcast.com/open-adoption/

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