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Helping International Businesses Establish Operations in the U.S. with Danila Palmieri
Episode 141st November 2022 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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Scaling and expanding your company operations internationally can be very lucrative when done right and challenging when planning is not conducted strategically. Establishing a global brand is all about understanding the market environments, local cultures and business laws. Thinking that you already know what to do without understanding the market is setting yourself up for failure. The roadblocks you face and the revenue potential in a foreign market will not be the same as in your current market. As a leader, you have to be willing to change your mindset and be flexible with your strategy to enhance the effectiveness of your foreign-based operations.

Danila Palmieri, the Founder and CEO of Connect Solutions, gives us insight into the dynamics of scaling companies into foreign markets. While it can be rewarding to scale your company internationally, there are pros and cons to consider while planning your international operations playbook, to have a shot at increasing your probability for long-term success.


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Danila is the Founder & CEO of Connect Solutions, a rapid business growth company that aims to help clients achieve their international business goals on an expedited timeline using a variety of tactics in HR Strategy and Operations. With 21+ years of experience managing corporate projects at the highest levels, Danila is an expert in strategy, project management, HR, and business acceleration.

With a strong background orchestrating large-scale projects locally and internationally, Danila specializes in cross-border soft-landings in the U.S., post-merger integration, and helping companies establish back-office operations. She believes in becoming a long-term partner with her clients to help them achieve business goals that they couldn’t achieve alone.

Danila holds a degree in Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial, a Postgrad in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas, and an MBA in HR Management and Personnel Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas. She is also a WTC Atlanta Board Member, Former Chairman of the Board at Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce (BACC-SE), and an SHRM Atlanta Leadership Development Volunteer.


  1. The importance of work-life prioritization vs. work-life balance
  2. Some of the biggest success inhibitors of businesses trying to expand operations internationally
  3. Danila's addition to the LATTOYG Playbook
  4. Danila's Fun Facts - Saturdays, rice with beans, and surprises


[04:02] Hear about what led Danila to move Brazil to the United States

[12:30] The different areas that Connect Solutions helps businesses establish operations outside their home country

[17:51] Danila's entry into the LATTOYG Playbook: Roadblocks international companies face in establishing their presence in the US

[21:32] Danila shares some of the challenges she has faced as a female founder

[25:44] Signature Segment: Danila's LATTOYG Tactic of Choice

[30:23] Signature Segment: Full Disclosure

[34:28] Signature Segment: Karan’s Take




  • Website:  The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (Ex-Im Bank) is one of the most popular sources of financing for businesses that are expanding overseas.