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Lessons Learned Launching the #ThankYouPlantMedicine Movement with Jonathan Glazer - 1
Episode 13rd December 2020 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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In episode #1 of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, I speak with Jonathan Glazer, co-founder of the Thank You Plant Medicine Campaign. 

Jonathan shares what the Thank You Plant Medicine Campaign has accomplished so far: 

  • They created a global "coming out day" event where thousands of people came out of the psychedelic closet and shared their transformational stories with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines. 
  • They have partnered with and connected over 120 psychedelic organizations from around the world.
  • They are building an online Thank You Plant Medicine Community for people to connect, ask questions, share resources and support each other on the path. 
  • Jonathan shares exciting news about what's to come, what they are working on next, and their visions for the future. 

In this episode, Jonathan shares transparently about what he's learned about leadership as they've built a core team and have coordinated efforts from thousands of volunteers from around the world to support this campaign. 

He shares his viewpoints on navigating challenging situations, especially when he needs to address people in the community who have received feedback of malpractice or inappropriate behavior in the psychedelic space.

He also touches on his thoughts around cultural appropriation. 

We also talk about Jonathan's meditation practice and his multi-faceted and open-minded approach to working with psychedelics, and his perspective on how psychedelics can be a catalyst for change in many domains of life. 



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