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My Worst Investment Ever Podcast - Andrew Stotz 9th November 2020
Jordan Paris – Do What You Want to Do
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Jordan Paris – Do What You Want to Do

Jordan Paris is an author, podcast host, and entrepreneur featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, and Market Watch.

Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #6 in Apple’s Self-Improvement category, #3 in the Training category, and #5 in the How-to category. In Education, one of Apple’s most competitive categories, the show was ranked #15. The show has also rated highly in 40+ countries worldwide. On the show, Jordan interviews his heroes, including James Altucher, Grant Cardone, Robert Greene, Mark Manson, Seth Godin, Ryan Serhant, Dean Graziosi, and Naveen Jain.

Jordan is the founder of Trend Up Media, a one-stop podcast agency that produces podcasts to help businesses grow in profit and influence.

His life and business approach is simple yet powerful: Don’t make a living, design a life. With this creator’s mentality, Jordan has produced outstanding results for himself and challenges others to rise above circumstances, break the mold of society, and take control of their lives.


“If you are thinking of starting a podcast, I say just start because it’s something that you honestly want to and do not because other people are doing it.”

Jordan Paris


Worst investment ever

Jordan got wrapped up in the fact that he wasn’t cool in high school, and so for the better part of his life, he just wanted to prove everyone wrong. He wanted to prove to everyone that he could be famous.

Using his podcast to fuel his desire for validation

The only way Jordan could attain fame and credibility over the past few years was to surround himself with other famous people. And so his podcast, for the most part, has been a show where people can have a front-row seat to his narcissism. A platform where he would talk with famous people, laughing along with them, sucking up to them, and not asking the tough questions.

The epiphany

Jordan recently had an epiphany where he realized that he’s been doing life the wrong way. Now, if he’s going to be known, he wants to be known for having something important to say and having actually done something. Jordan does not want to be famous just for the sake of being famous.

Lessons learned

Do it for you, not others

Many people do things they don’t want to do and buy things they don’t want or need to impress people who don’t care. They’re then forced to do more things that they don’t want to do to keep up that lifestyle and keep up with that image. Don’t join that rat race.

Realize it is enough

Awareness is almost always the first step to dealing with every hurdle you face.

Andrew’s takeaways

Just do it

Do what you want to do, even if it is not necessarily what you’re good at.

Don’t get caught up with what people think

People don’t care that much about you, so don’t get caught up with what people think about you.

Embrace your problems

What is that thing in your life that you’ve been running away from or you haven’t been aware of? Stop running, turn around, and embrace it.

Actionable advice

Learn to question yourself and everything. Scrutinize yourself. This leads to good things.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Jordan’s number one goal for the next 12 months is to achieve the revenue goal he set at the beginning of the year.




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