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Aberdeen-Houston Gateway 2020 Goes Digital - Brett Jackson EPISODE 4, 4th May 2020
Alastair Caithness - CEO of Ziyen Energy and Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor for the Libertarian Party
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Alastair Caithness - CEO of Ziyen Energy and Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor for the Libertarian Party

Alastair Caithness, of San Diego is a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens. Originally from Scotland, Caithness is CEO of Ziyen Energy, a technology-driven company focused on the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets.  

Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in various oil assets throughout the United States. Under Caithness’ leadership, in 2019 Ziyen Energy launched ZiyenCoin, an energy infrastructure token utilizing blockchain technology as a catalyst to facilitate the transition in energy from carbon-based fuels to renewable energy. 

Ziyen Energy is also finalizing the development of the ZYEN trading platform which will enable the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets and other financial instruments. 

Alastair has also been appointed as Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor for AmeriCoin within the Libitarian Party. Part of that role is to develop the monetary policy post COVID-19.

The development of AmeriCoin follows a similar model as ZiyenCoin and is fundamentally a tokenization of a verifiable pool of assets. Of course, the vision of AmeriCoin is to replicate these innovations on a far larger scale utilizing all the assets of the Federal government, including its substantial land, energy, gold, timber and mineral reserves (and perhaps tax receipts).  

In the podcast, Alastair delves into all this and more!

We're very excited to have him involved in Aberdeen-Houston Gateway 2020.

To learn more about our engaging, interactive event bringing the energy, technology, corporate, entrepreneurial and academic communities together online: http://www.granitepr.co.uk/events/aberdeen-houston-gateway/

For more about Alastair, visit:

- Ziyen Energy

- Follow Americoin on TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/cbdvAN/