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Maximizing Total Lifetime Value for Sustainable Growth
Episode 15725th April 2024 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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In this episode, Joe Shelerud interviews Dan Brownsher from Channel Key. They discuss the current state of the e-commerce space, the challenges and opportunities for brands on platforms like Amazon, and the key factors that contribute to a brand's success. They emphasize the importance of high-quality products, brand building, and maximizing total lifetime value. They also highlight the need for brands to utilize upper funnel activities and measure them correctly.


  • The e-commerce space is still relatively early in its growth, and there are opportunities for brands to succeed.
  • High-quality products, brand building, and targeting the right audience are key factors for a brand's success on platforms like Amazon.
  • Maximizing total lifetime value by driving repeat purchases or cross-selling is crucial for sustaining growth.
  • Brands should consider utilizing upper funnel activities, such as streaming TV and video, to create brand awareness.
  • Measuring the full funnel and understanding the contribution of each stage is important for effective advertising strategies.

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