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UpTick - Caribbean Innovators Live - Chike Farrell - Caribbean Ideas Synapse EPISODE 1, 21st April 2020
Ramon Gregorio: Lucent Research | Trinidad & Tobago
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Ramon Gregorio: Lucent Research | Trinidad & Tobago

Ramon Gregorio is Founder of Lucent Research, one of the Caribbean region's leading market research firms. Over his 13 year journey he's learnt alot about helping teams reach their full potential, how to build a region-wide business footprint and much more. 

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why it's his mission to change the way marketers and leaders think about research and make research cool
  • How he built Lucent Research, and how he's learnt over time to find more balance through coaching and delegation
  • About important influences that he credits for his success
  • How he sharpens the saw and stays on top of his game