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What is Dogs in Yellow Day and how can it help my dog with Sarah Jones
15th March 2023 • The Paw Post Podcast • Rachel Spencer
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Have you ever seen a dog wearing yellow and wondered what it means?

This month is Pet Anxiety Month and as part of it, there is #dogsinyellow day on March 20th.

It was organised by Sarah Jones, founder of My Anxious Dog, who started making space awareness products for her own anxious dog Bella.

This grew into a business, a community and much more, and in this conversation she shares what the day means.

Key topics and timings:

0:02: - About Sarah Jones and how she came to start her business, My Anxious Dog.

2:48 - What Dogs in Yellow Day is and how to join in on March 20th.

5:39 - The benefits of Dogs in Yellow Day.

7:17: - Raising awareness of what a dog wearing yellow means.

8:46 - Sarah shares some examples of people using yellow for their dogs.

10:45 - How wearing yellow can help avoid altracations when your dog is on a lead and they're approached by other dogs.

12:09 - Sarah's message to other dogs owners when they see a dog wearing yellow - GIVE THEM SPACE!

14:09 - Sarah's mission for owners to understand that by using yellow, they are showing love for their dog and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

15:08 - How the yellow lead has changed lives for many dogs owners.

17:51 - Where owners of anxious dogs can get support - see the links below for Sarah's groups and website.

19:10 - Ways to find out more about Sarah and her work.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Visit Sarah’s website:

Follow My Anxious Dog on Facebook:

Join the Yellow Army Facebook Group: