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Managing Your Time in a System Which Sucks with Dr Ed Pooley
Episode 748th April 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Ed Pooley joins us to share his take on time management techniques for busy individuals.

Episode Highlights

[05:38] The Importance of Maturity and Exploration in Medicine

  • Entering medicine later in life can give you more experience under your belt.
  • Ed also thinks it’s important to explore different processes outside of medicine.
  • He examines what processes work and applies these in his practice of medicine.

[10:33] How to Manage Competing Demands

  • Reflect on three types of demands: value demands, internal failure demands and external failure demands.

[18:11] Time Management Techniques on a System Level

  • Personal time management techniques are essential not enough. You also need to have a systems approach.
  • Recognise the system you work in and make adjustments for better results.

[21:46] Quick Ways to Address Internal Failure Demands

  • GP setting: move from siloed working to outcome-based working.
  • Meetings: do most of the work beforehand and use the meeting to discuss key points.
  • Don’t use meetings as a proxy for team cohesion.

[26:00] Time Management Techniques for the Workplace

  • Allow yourself to rest from working during your free time.
  • You can see what each person needs to make their day better in terms of time management. By doing so, you’re able to work in a happier environment.

[30:43] On Affecting Change as a Doctor

  • Being in medicine becomes your identity. And so, when we struggle with things like time management, it becomes an identity threat.
  • Instead of complaining about someone’s work, approach them and discuss the problem.

[35:05] Improving Workplace Communication

  • Make SMART objectives SMARTER.
  • The additional E stands for emotion. The R stands for rationale and review.

[41:44] How to Voice Out Your Concerns

  • Instead of criticising, ask exploratory questions.

[46:29] Ed’s Top 3 Time Management Techniques

  • Think of the time before thinking about the task.
  • If you’re struggling with completing tasks, break them down into task management, attention management, knowledge management, and system management.
  • You have four options: do it, delegate it, defer it or delete it.

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