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Why is Check Fraud Leading to Violent Attacks on Postal Workers? w/ Frank McKenna
Episode 12530th August 2022 • Fraudology Podcast with Karisse Hendrick • Rolled Up
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Frank McKenna (from the popular blog "Frank on Fraud") is back to talk about another growing fraud trend impacting the US especially. Physical Check Fraud. While many may assume that check fraud ended when credit card fraud became popular, it is getting a resurgence. In fact, check fraud utilizing stolen, physical checks is so lucrative that it has been the reason for a steep uptick in physically violent attacks on US Postal Workers.

Frank will share the top check fraud methods that are impacting consumers and banks at a record high, and why these schemes are harder to detect than we might assume.

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The National President of the US Postal Police Officers Association that was mentioned on this episode that frequently posts news articles about the postal worker violence: Frank Albergo:

David Maimon has posted some great information & research on the topic of check washing & physical check fraud over the past several weeks, especially in regards to the methods used and services being offered as "Fraud-as-a-service":

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