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PEOPLE Behind the Places - Steven Rea EPISODE 1, 7th March 2020
Angelina Mondavi - Napa Valley
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Angelina Mondavi - Napa Valley

Find out how farming taught Angelina to accept things beyond her control, how to book a private virtual tasting with her, where she sends visiting friends to Napa Valley and much more.

Schedule a private Virtual Tasting with Angelina Mondavi at:

info@mondavisisters.com or (707)225-2759


IG: amondaviconsulting, mondavi_sisters

Twitter: @MondaviSisters

Facebook: @mondavisisterscollection 

Dark Matter: www.darkmatterwines.com

Aloft wine: www.aloftwine.com

Charles Krug: www.charleskrug.com

Angelina Mondavi Clients: brasswood napa Valley, flat top hills wine, Castlevale and Illum.