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Do You Lack a Passion for Prayer?
Episode 1685th August 2020 • Deeper Christian Podcast • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 168

As Christians, we know prayer is important – so we check it off our list, say a quick thanks before a meal, and maybe a few minutes before we fall asleep.

But do you actually have a burden, a passion, for prayer? Do you long to spend time in prayer … or is it a duty a chore, an obligation?

Pray isn't meant to be a "have to" – prayer is a "get to" – we get to spend time with the King of the Universe. We get to have intimacy and oneness with Jesus.

In this day, as things grow increasingly more dark and difficult, it is all the more imperative that Christians rise up and gain God's heart and burden for the world – that we become passionate about prayer.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of having a passion for prayer and look at a few examples throughout Christian history of individuals who were willing to give themselves to prayer.

As EM Bounds so rightly stated, "These days of ours have [desperate] need of a generation of praying men, a band of men and women through whom God can bring his great and his greatest movements more fully into the world. … A breed of Christian is greatly needed who will seek tirelessly after God—who will give him no rest, day and night, until he hearkens to their cry. The times demand praying men who are all athirst for God’s glory, who are broad and unselfish in their desires, quenchless for God, who seek him late and early, and who will give themselves no rest until the whole earth be filled with his glory."

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