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Navigating through times of Conflict and War as a Sovereign Leader
Episode 1573rd March 2022 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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Lessons will continue to repeat until they have been learned. When we look throughout history, we know that all war does is fuel the ego of the dictators in charge, fuel the military-industrial complex, and hurt the innocent citizens of the countries involved. It's the government's job to represent and be FOR the people.

We all know that the 2/22/222 portal anchored the Aquarian Age and everything that is not in alignment with the Christ Consciousness of the 5D frequency that's becoming the new baseline of awareness and overall reality. Initiating war as the answer and representation of “leadership” is the last outdated pattern of the Piscean Age.

This alchemical process is what we’ve seen especially since 2020. Crystal vision requires us to look at what’s out of alignment + what is aligned... the very energy of 222. As we purge the last of the Piscean Age and embark on the Golden Age of Aquarius, what no longer serves must fall, and unfortunately, we’re witnessing this go down in Ukraine right now, just days after the 2/22/222 portal and America’s Pluto Return.

In order for us to cultivate peace as our reality, we must first cultivate that peace within. This is why doing the deep shadow and healing work of our inner child, and our ancestral lineage is non-negotiable. On top of that, practicing forgiveness for others of the past is also a powerful way to reclaim your power back. And once you've stepped into your full power, you have the ability to revolutionize the world with your medicine, because there's no more room for you to play small.

Love is always the answer, so start by loving yourself! For this episode, I invite you to educate yourself and take time out of your day to be in prayer and to get radically honest with yourself about what stories, fears, and limiting beliefs of your past are still running the show, as well as taking the time to pray for the Ukrainian and Russian people for peace, justice, and love to prevail.

We stand with Ukraine. 🕊🇺🇦✌🏽 War is never the answer

In this episode, I talk about...

◆ The deeper Truth about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

◆ The loss of power of the Piscean Age and how it's trying to hinder progress of the Aquarian Age

◆ America's Pluto Return and the deeper medicine of the 2/22/222 portal

◆ How you can be part of the Solution

◆ Embracing our deeper purpose for incarnating during this revolutionary time in human history

◆ an invitation + visualization to come together and instill peace on the planet so much more